5 Social Media Enhancements That Benefit B2B Marketers

Remember that time when B2B marketers sought a way to cultivate a presence on social p170m3eh3hj26s2k1h74rd1r930_27726because B2C had all the ‘fun’? Then there was that other time, when B2B marketers realized that social business is a reality. Today, no modern marketing strategy is complete without an integrated social media plan and presence.

Social networks are evolving rapidly, as new integrations, advertising offerings, and metrics-based enhancements are announced daily. And while you need the knowledge to succeed, it can be challenging to keep up with social media’s pace. Let’s be honest: You’re running important campaigns, following up on critical business opportunities, and with a steady stream of news updates necessary to plug you and your team in on “what’s new” — ain’t nobody got time for that.

But we’ve got your back, with the social scoop, a roundup of recent announcements to give you an overview of the updates and enhancements to channels that likely affect your social business strategy. Check out these 5 recent social updates:

  1. Buffer launched a scheduling tool to cater to a longtime request of its user community.Buffer browser extension users can use the schedule icon to customize the date and time of updates to be published. The enhancement enables users to custom schedule any social posting, including scheduling retweets directly from Twitter, according to the Buffer blog. This is great news for marketers focused on building and maintaining their spheres of influence by sharing thought leadership content.
  2. LinkedIn debuted Sponsored Updates content sharing, designed to enable company pages to deliver content to the homepage feed of other LinkedIn members (not relegated to their followers). Focused on helping marketers enhance the reach of their content assets, Sponsored Updates enables marketers to distribute content directly to any segment of LinkedIn’s premium audience based on professional profile data across more than 225 million members, according to the LinkedIn blog.
  3. LinkedIn also launched a SlideShare Infographics Player, designed to optimize the viewing experience specifically for infographics.  The new player automatically detects an infographic upon upload, includes it in the infographic directory and displays it for best viewing, according to the LinkedIn blog. Infographics need to be saved and uploaded in a one-page PDF format. Infographics are becoming a standard for visual storytelling, and this enables marketers to leverage their own LinkedIn pages as sharing forums for optimal viewing.
  4. Tumblr updated its dashboard to providea new way to view “notes” with scrolling for greater visibility into “likes”, “reblogs”, and replies from followers. The new activity page is designed to allow users to graph the latest activity on their blog posts and view top fans and posts, as well as see recent notifications, according to the Tumblr blog. Tumblr is a great channel for marketers to use images and video to tell stories. The new dashboard offers a more metrics-based approach to measuring engagement, sentiment, and other qualitative feedback.
  5. Twitter is experimenting with its ad tool for users in the United States by displaying promoted content from brands and businesses followers have shown interest in. Focused on providing more targeted and focused ads, Twitter is allowing advertisers to share a scrambled, unreadable email address or browser-related information from cookie IDs. Note that Twitter supports Do Not Track (DNT), so it will not receive browser-related information from ad partners from tailoring ads is users have enabled DNT in their browsers, according to the Twitter blog.

Articl From:    blogs.oracle.com

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