7 Tips for Enhancing B2B Email Marketing Campaigns with Online Video

Online video viewership by consumers continues to grow at an astonishing pace. According to comScore 182 million Americans watched online video and engaged in more than 39.8 billion video views during the month of September.


With over 75% of Fortune 500 executives viewing online video at work, savvy B2B marketers are increasingly leveraging the power of online video in their email marketing campaigns

Below are 7 tips for effectively utilizing online video in your organization’s email marketing campaigns.

Producing a Marketing Video

Tip #1 – 60 Seconds or Less

Keep the video to 60 seconds or less. If you want a marketing message or offer to be heard by a target audience it had better be delivered quickly. Online video viewership drops off dramatically after 60 seconds. A beautifully designed and produced online video that’s more than a minute long will most likely not been seen in its entirety by the target audience so the key message may not be received.

Tip #2 – Core Messaging

Make it clear to the viewer in the first few seconds why they should watch your video. Immediately spell out “What’s in it for them”. Online videos are a great way to engage potential clients but the key to their effectiveness is to provide immediate value to the viewer. Starting a video by delivering the bottom-line message or offer at the beginning greatly increases conversions.  Overview videos highlighting a brand are much less effective than videos that provide viewers with immediate value in the form of specific content or an offer.

Tip #3 – Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

In the right creative hands, producing innovative, compelling and effective online marketing videos can be done at a low cost by using a company’s existing marketing assets. Many people naturally assume the process of producing a high quality online video requires an onsite film crew and elaborate production (and the associated costs). That’s simply not the case. Many companies have existing marketing assets (logos, images, video footage) that can be repurposed and combined with professional grade graphics and stock images or videos to create marketing videos. Just leverage the marketing assets that have already been internally approved and paid for to communicate your offer and build your brand.

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Video Delivery in Email Marketing Campaigns

Tip #4 – Embed Linked Thumbnail Images

Trying to embed a video into an outgoing email message presents multiple technical and deliverability challenges. The best method for including video in an email campaign is to simply embed a linked thumbnail image of the video that includes a “play” button. Once the play button is clicked a browser window can be automatically launched to display the video on a video marketing landing page.

Tip #5 – Use Branded Video Landing Pages

Use a branded landing page to host your videos, not YouTube. Landing pages provide control over the branding and user experience plus can provide additional space for text-based calls to action, offers and lead capture forms. A branded landing page can and should be used to reinforce the desired call to action of the marketing campaign.

Tip #6 – Support Web & Mobile Video

The proliferation of smart phones has made mobile video delivery more important than ever. Be sure all video based email marketing initiatives can be delivered in both Flash and HTML5 formats. Videos delivered in only Flash format will not be viewable from iPads and iPhones.

Measure the Results

Tip # 7 – Video Analytics

Like most all online marketing initiatives, the analytics gathered from video viewership can be of tremendous strategic value to marketers. Being able to measure important metrics (video views, time viewed/duration, traffic sources) helps marketers understand when a video is effectively reaching its target audience… and when it’s not. Online videos can also be a great tool for A/B testing.

Article From: magnetvideo.com