Big Data Enhancement – More Relevant Than Ever in 2017

Fast-Moving Means Constantly Updating

Welcome to the New Millennium!  The world indeed is spinning faster and faster with each passing day. Technology and Connectivity now surpass anything that we could have foreseen. Indeed, the world has changed so quickly that we’ve lacked the technology to keep track of those changes… Until Now!


In recent years, there has been an explosion of new concepts in a very old industry. I’m talking about Big Data!

Businesses have been compiling data on clients for as long as there have been businesses. Once Upon a Time, phone books used to be the best resources available. Today, we have access to more firmographic information than ever before, and the technology to keep those client records up to date, seamlessly.

Good Practices are Never Perfect

Despite all of the advancements in data technology and data management in recent years, many businesses are keeping their records at the speed and technology of a phone book. Even the most diligently kept records on clients, including phone numbers, addresses, company size and executive contact information etc. will become defunct over time due to the natural, every day occurrences of businesses moving or closing, layoffs, promotions, turnover or expansion.

If your competitors purchase a list of up-to-date contact information for a business you once served, but can no longer contact due to outdated client records, what will that mean for your business? The reality is that even perfect record keeping practices can result in incomplete and outdated data. It’s time to stop wasting resources on Data from paper sources that can’t be easily sourced, edited, updated, or sorted.

Modern Business Requires Current Data

In a world of hyper-connectivity and Big Data, if a business wants to thrive, they have to work like its 2017. That means being as hyper-connected to your customers’ data as your customers are connected to your bottom line. In an era when Current Company Data is Available at your Fingertips, in Real Time or can be appended to an entire client file, there is no excuse for wasting marketing dollars on incorrect or incomplete client records.

In an ever-changing, ever-evolving business environment, those who adapt will thrive. Those companies that are basing their marketing and measuring their business with incomplete and incorrect data are simply going to fall behind. Companies need good data regularly. That’s why an Ongoing Data Maintenance is a must.

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