3 Ways Data Enhancement Can Help Improve Your Marketing

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Marketing is often a tricky word, especially if you’re a business without a dedicated team, the sheer concept can be downright terrifying. So how do you begin? Once you do, how do you know you’re on the right track?

What is Marketing, really? Although the word “marketing” makes us think of creativity and imagination to capture and captivate audiences, this is sometimes the farthest from the truth. Marketing is more accurately, a segment of business based heavily on numbers and information. Or to put it another way, it’s all about the DATA.

Here are three ways data can get your marketing on the right track:

Segmented Demographics Data – Direct marketing has evolved with the rise of digital marketing, and in today’s marketplace, you can grab the attention of a prospective customer by delivering content directly to their screen or inbox without running commercials or making a cold call. The key is knowing who to send your content to. For B2B and B2C companies, things like, age, income, location, industry, and search history all help us understand who is receiving the message and allows us to target buyers with an unbelievable degree of accuracy leading to increase conversion rates.

Social Media Data – If you’re not currently engaged or engaging potential customers in social media…. Well… Assuming you are, you know how impactful it can be. Especially for businesses, social media increases brand awareness, captures leads, improves credibility and makes you approachable as a company. But getting likes and shares doesn’t get sales right? Knowing how to use social media properly will put you ahead of your competition and increase ROI if you have the right data. Social Media Data Enhancement can help you understand your current customers, gain insight into your new customers that aren’t converted, and truly understand your buyer. Data can get you acquainted on a deeper level with your key demographics. Not to mention using social data can enable you to talk with the same audience on different channels, such as email when they started as a Twitter follower.

Just how clean is your data? Identify where your data requires attention, allowing you to choose which areas to improve.

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Search Engine Marketing – To make friends with the internet (Google) is to prove that your company, product, or service has value. To do this, you must understand what people see, what they want to see, and what makes your customers tick. Using data enhancement best practices, how people search online and make decisions allows you to custom tailor messages directly relevant to what they look for online. Relevant content and targeted positioning are key in today’s digital space. Once you understand how a customer behaves online, you can understand their journey to conversion.

So fear not. Whether you’re new to marketing in general or in need of expert Data Enhancement services to take a business to the next level, bringing people and technology together allows you to put the numbers to work for you and dominate in any market.

Article From: www.stirista.com