Data: The Secret Ingredient for Powerful B2B Lead Nurturing

In the past 5 years the average sales cycle has increased 22%, and since B2B purchasing decisions require more buy-in from various parties than a B2C transaction, the B2B sales cycle has become even longer. According to a 2012 study by Marketing Sherpa, when a contact first gives a vendor their contact information 73% of them are not ready to take the next step to purchase. Because of these trends, marketers are always looking for ways to improve the prospect to customer conversion rate. As many of you are aware, one method that has seen great success is lead nurturing.

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10 Benefits of a Clean Email List

Email verification and email list cleaning has many benefits. Users who regularly use an email verifier or validation service experience lower bounce rates, increased conversion, increased email ROI, and more accurate campaign statistics. In this slideshare, we discuss the benefits of using an email list cleaning service as part of your overall email deliverability strategy. List cleaning does not replace permission best practices, so it’s important to use double optin and ensure you have permission to email your contacts.

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