3 Ways Data Enhancement Can Help Improve Your Marketing

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Marketing is often a tricky word, especially if you’re a business without a dedicated team, the sheer concept can be downright terrifying. So how do you begin? Once you do, how do you know you’re on the right track? Continue reading


How to Use Email Marketing to Improve Customer Retention

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Email is one of the most cost effective ways for online businesses to stay in touch with their customers. Moreover, emails offer a one-to-one approach to connect with users and thereby, compared to other forms of marketing, is much more personal in nature. This very trait makes it a suitable form of communication to draw back lapsed customers and users. Using email marketing, businesses can regain lapsed customers with win-back campaigns and target new customers based on segmentation. Continue reading

How Data Enhancement Improves Email Marketing Success

The term “data hygiene” is more than a metaphor; if your list has invalid addresses, duplicate records, and swarms of typos, it’s not as healthy as it could be. Like bacteria colonizing the potato salad on a poorly tended salad bar, these bits of incorrect or invalid data can multiply throughout a database, reducing the overall effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. A single error that propagates new, invalid account files of its own could limit deliverability.

Data Enhancement Continue reading